phBot v14.2.6


  • Fixed available stat points not being tracked correctly if you were to de-level and level back up
  • Fixed job level not being correct on vSRO
  • Fixed character name / guild not showing up for joining a guild through the bot on vSRO (still might not show up due to the guild name not always being in the spawn packet for some reason)
  • Fixed not being able to use resurrect scrolls on vSRO on the “character dead” window
  • Fixed not placing immortal on the weapon before astral for alchemy
  • Fixed not moving pet items while selling items at an NPC
  • Fixed parsing errors related to the latest iSRO/SilkroadR update


  • Added ‘Add All Items’ to the alchemy plus tab
  • Added an option to clear the alchemy queue on the context menu
  • Added support for showing full item stats when you click on the item for the pet inventory
  • Added combine items after taking each item out of the pet


  • Party matching will now be removed when you uncheck the box to auto form the party
Jan 12th, 2016