phBot v14.0.6

Change Log

  • Added more Python QtBind API functions
  • Added support for sending chat messages/notes from Python plugins
  • Fixed not parsing skill names correctly on certain vSRO servers
  • Fixed stall item price being black on the dark theme
  • Fixed consignment price not being 0 when you add a new item to consignment
  • Fixed not waiting after summoning a transport for the oldtrade command
  • Fixed not being able to cast secondary weapon buffs in the script
  • Fixed not finding the closest script coordinates
  • Fixed possible crash when too many events are being sent to the Python API (from a button click)
  • Fixed QtBind destroy API call not deleting lists
  • Fixed Python line edits not resizing to the set size
  • Fixed crash when getting all list items from Python
  • Fixed an issue with returning due to too far away from town causing it to try and start moving anyway when it should be waiting
  • EXP/SP scrolls will now only be used in the training area
  • Improved thread safety


The Manager has been translated into Dutch thanks to BloodyMilli.

Aug 10th, 2015