phBot v14.0.1

A few issues have been found that were not discovered in the testing release. Most problems have been resolved now, but more will probably be discovered. I hope to have 99% of bugs fixed by the next Silkroad inspection. If you still have troubles, the old stable release is still available as I said in the previous post: v11.9.7.

Change Log

  • Added a minimum lure walk delay of 500ms
  • Added support for equipping/unequipping avatar, devil’s spirit, and job items
  • Fixed not being able to designate the recall point in Mirror Dimension
  • Fixed lag detection while on a transport
  • Fixed not detecting when multiple avatar items are removed when you remove one avatar item
  • Increased the pick delay by about 100ms to hopefully fix disconnect problems
  • Possibly fixed a crash after a walk path could not be generated
Aug 4th, 2015