Merging Stable with Testing

The current testing release (12.1.57) will be merged into the current stable release (11.9.6c) this upcoming inspection. This means that will contain the current testing release and that the current stable release will be moved to “Old Stable” or

The old version will be available in a new section for a few months, so you’ll have some time to move over. Updates after inspections for it will be made more slowly so I can sleep during the night for once.

New Release Names

  • Current Testing -> Stable
  • Current Stable -> Old Stable

After this is done, I will push out updates for a new testing release that will be merged back into stable every week after the inspection. These new testing updates will be posted whenever. Stable will only get updates every week unless there’s a serious bug that needs fixing.

At least three full version download ZIPs will be saved on MediaFire/Mega, so if there’s a problem, you can always downgrade until the problem is solved.

New Versions

  • 11.9.6c -> Frozen at 11.9.7
  • 12.1.XX -> 14.0.0
  • New Testing -> 15.0.0

Even numbers signify a stable release, and odd numbers a testing/beta release.

Jul 31st, 2015