phBot v16.2.5


  • Fixed consignment items not showing up correctly on iSRO
Jul 23rd, 2019

phBot v16.2.4


  • Updated with iSRO
Jul 23rd, 2019


phSro is back! Old school 90 cap.

Jul 2nd, 2019

phBot v16.2.3


  • Added cave minimap support
  • Added support for registering to different arenas on the map tab
  • Added Manager reverse return support
Mar 18th, 2019

phBot v16.2.2


  • Fixed certain quests not being detected as completed


  • Added set_profile and set_training_script Python functions
Feb 26th, 2019

phBot v16.2.1


  • Fixed quest parsing
  • Fixed not being able to summon flowers from the inventory tab if you are in a cave


  • Added support for path finding in caves

Path finding has been greatly improved.

Feb 17th, 2019

New Payment System / New Forum

We are finally moving to a new forum which means there will be a new payment system through this site!

  1. You should have received an email with the new login details or you will receive it soon.
  2. Your current login details for the old forum will continue to work with the bot including the sharing password. Your bot account and forum account are now completely separate.
  3. To buy time visit (or click Buy at the top of this page) and use the same email as the one on the old forum. New users can just enter their email address. Time is added based on email.

More information can be found in this forum thread.

Dec 21st, 2018

phBot v16.2.0


  • Fixed resurrect skills sometimes not casting when stunned/knocked back
  • Fixed Fire Wall / Ice Wall not recasting after being stunned/knocked back
  • Fixed party leader not being detected correctly
Dec 12th, 2018

phBot v16.1.9


  • Fixed Devil’s Spirit expiration
  • Fixed parse error with academy player locations
  • Fixed move_to Python function not working


  • Added handle_chat Python plugin event
Nov 24th, 2018

Stats Site Updated

I rewrote the stats page to use a newer version of bootstrap and cSROR now shows up correctly. You’re welcome :)

Oct 30th, 2018